Thin skinned audiences

René Kemp
Thin skinned audiences


R: Aber warum sollte man der Malerei nicht viel lieber ein Sozialproblem ablesen können? Warum soll so viel verhindert und ausgeschlossen werden? Wozu diese dauernde Negativ-Gedankenrichtung?

MK: That’s what I realized I was going for, not some one-line joke like, ‘Here’s a birdhouse that’s minimalism.’ Rather, here’s a structure that’s loaded with pathos, and you still don’t like it, you don’t feel sorry for it, you want to kick it.

AM: Was ist denn dann Ihre Leistung?
GR: Das frage ich mich auch.



A: Und dann gibt es die Analogie seiner Schlenker zu diesen Schriftzeichen. Das ist natürlich völlig pervers. Und wahrscheinlich findet er das super sensibel.
R: Das ist halt stumpf.
A: Es ist ultra-stumpf.

O: I hope people never will buy anything that I do. I never want to be popularly accepted. For instance, I won’t appear in any movies other than Andy Warhol’s, and they aren’t popularly accepted.
C: Does he pay you?
O: Of course not. I do it for love.


NG: Is that an original thing that you wrote, is that from a poem as well?
RP: Dunno. Look all this stuff up on Google. I can’t do all the work. It can no longer be traced. I’ll objectify, count it as single, indivisible, what are the edges of the limit that grows and multiplies by feeding on an abyss.

René Kemp
Thin skinned audiences

Published in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Uncanny Valley’ at Gemeinde Köln, September/October 2019

Edited by Tom Lingnau

32 pages, Offset, 21,5 x 15,8 cm
Series ‘The Coeln Press’, Weinspach, Cologne, September 2019
Edition of 350

Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne

ISBN 978-3-9819124-5-6
€ 12,00 (+ shipping)

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René Kemp, born 1982, lives and works in Cologne

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